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Your Greenspoint Eye Doctor’s

Meet the Leading Team of Optometrists in North Houston

Eye care professionals, or optometrists, specialize in understanding how the human eye really works, as well as diseases and conditions that affect your vision—many of which do not always have obvious symptoms. The eye Doctor’s at Greenspoint TSO know how age and risk factors, affect vision over time for young and old. They understand the benefits and features of corrective lenses, both eyeglass lenses and contact lenses.

Meet Your Local Greenspoint Eye Doctor:

Our North Houston optometrist takes the time to explain the results of your eye exam, describe your options and listen to your eye care needs. Maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential vision problems.


Jennifer Tai, O.D.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Jennifer Tai is a passionate and caring Optometrist. She moved to Texas because she dreads the cold weather! Dr. Tai attended Illinois College of Optometry and University of Toronto and has been in the Optical field for over two years. “I have a nerdy love relationship with eyes… I find them absolutely fascinating.” states Dr. Tai. She is committed to ensuring the health of all her patients while providing a comfortable, exceptional yet educating experience. Dr. Tai works with patients and their vision care needs while administering a personalized eye care experience geared towards their individuality. Her professional interests include specialty contact lenses and Lasik. Dr. Tai enjoys spending time with her dog, building Legos and experimenting new foods at new restaurants. She is both fluent in English and Cantonese!

Meet Your Local Greenspoint Optical Team:

Our exceptional, TSO staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do, and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs. We will help you understand your insurance coverage and if financial arrangements are necessary, we will be glad to help you develop a plan to make your vision care treatment possible.


Marybel Aleman

General Manager

Marybel liked Texas State Optical so much, she switched from being a patient to an employee and has been with Texas State Optical over three years. “I love helping people that are in great need.” states Marybel. Her favorite part about her job is the awesome patients who make Frame Styling so easy, she says. She feels very fortunate to help the patients understand their benefits as well as understand how glasses are properly used and feels as if it’s a whole new world to them. Working at Texas State Optical has definitely inspired Marybel to go the extra mile and to help her staff do the same. She makes sure the patients leave satisfied with their service! Marybel speaks English and Spanish fluently. One of her proudest accomplishments is understanding how to bill insurances so that patients maximize their benefits. An avid traveler, Marybel dreams of a long vacation in Italy, preferably sitting in a Gondola in Venice. She loves planning retreats for her Church and spending time with her family. Her not-so-secret crush? Actor Chris Evans (Capt. America). Ask her about it! Her favorite childhood memory is visiting the gas station every Sunday with her dad to fill up his truck while receiving a Looney Tunes toy each time. Her favorite quote comes from the one and only Willy Wonka:

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.”


Grecia Q.

Optometric Assistant

Grecia’s career goals are to grow in the eye care field to obtain a rewarding position that will benefit Greenspoint’s amazing TSO patients. Grecia is always eager to help patients with their vision needs, helping to improve their day to day lives. “As a person who personally wears glasses- it is very satisfying to help patients with their eye care needs.” says Grecia. Grecia has great customer service skills and is determined to provide the best eye care. Grecia is also fluent in Spanish. Her proudest accomplishments consist of her advancements and promotions in her prior work experiences in a very short amount of time. “I am a dedicated person and worker.” states Grecia. Outside of work, Grecia likes to go on family outings and most importantly, spend time with her son. Her favorite childhood memory is one of her family reunions where she enjoyed watching her family have a great time. Napoleon Hill was an author who wrote a quote that Grecia enjoys very much:

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”


Jazmine M.

Optometric Assistant

Jazmine has a great passion for the Optical field and her main goal is to grow with Greenspoint Texas State Optical and its patients. “I like the chance to help people. It brings me so much joy to see the patients happy and to watch them experience clear vision for the first time.” says Jazmine. Dedication, hard work and positivity are three wonderful things Jazmine brings to the table. Outside of the office, Jazmine loves to spend time with her family, she enjoys dancing and taking her daughter to the park. Creating a life of her own with her beautiful family is her proudest achievement. She has fond memories of park visits with her siblings and dad. “That is my favorite childhood memory.” states Ms. Jazmine. Jazmine is fluent in both English and Spanish. A German writer and statesman, Mr. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, holds Jazmine’s favorite quote below:

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.”



Dispensing Optician

Joe, “Papa Joe” called by many, has been with Texas State Optical for over 27 years and has over 50 years of Optical experience. He is well liked by staff and patients, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help out. He enjoys the atmosphere very much and plans to be with this team until retirement. He loves to work with all of our patients and their unique personalities and styles. Joe is driven to providing the best customer service and determined to make sure the patients leave satisfied. His proudest accomplishments include being a dedicated husband of over 60 years, his two lovely daughters and four grandchildren that light up his life. In Joe’s spare time, he thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with his wife while watching a good TV show. A favorite past memory of Joe’s is serving in the Army/WWII and he loves to participate in a great golf match.


Daisy C.

Dispensing Optician

Daisy’s career goals are to grow with Greenspoint Texas State Optical and adventure into new challenging positions. Daisy enjoys learning new things and meeting new people. Helping people learn about their individual vision care needs and the importance of their eye care health is what Daisy does best. Daisy is very versatile, she is always willing to help out wherever she is needed and is fluent in Spanish. Outside of the office, Daisy is dedicated to her Church and spending quality time with her family. Helping her children with their school projects as well as lending a hand to someone in need is something Daisy is personally passionate about. Another one of Daisy’s hobbies outside of work is dancing. Daisy’s favorite childhood memory is the exciting road trips she use to take as a child to visit her family in Mexico. You will often catch Daisy reminiscing about the days she use to play soccer as a child! A favorite quote of Daisy’s comes from the Bible:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Mike J.

Dispensing Optician

Mike received his Associates degree in Biology and Business Management. His career goals are to build within a good company such as Greenspoint Texas State Optical to where he is able to retire. As one of TSO’s loyal Optician’s, Mike contributes a positive attitude each and every day. He is always willing to help his team succeed and goes above and beyond for Greenspoint’s patients. Meeting new customers and learning new things on a daily basis is something Mike thoroughly enjoys about his job. Situations which will call upon all of his training and the best of his judgment is what Mike looks forward to. His proudest accomplishment is the birth of his beautiful daughter Thai’Lynn, born March 29th, 2017. In Mike’s spare time he keeps busy, whether he is going to the gym, playing basketball, on his X-Box or reading to his daughter. His favorite quote comes from an American former World Number 1 professional tennis player Billie Jean King, written below:

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”


DeAnne P.

Lab Technician

DeAnne’s favorite childhood memories are the days and nights spent with her cousins. Stories were endless and have them laughing till this day. DeAnne enjoys watching movies with her daughter, going to parks, she enjoys a sunny day at the beach and spending quality time with her family. DeAnne states she is very proud of how far she has come in life and of all her achievements and successes. She is happy to be a part of the Greenspoint Texas State Optical team and desires to be proficient as the Lab Technician and makes it priority to provide eyewear as promised by quality check standards to the patients. At work, she puts in her all and gives her very best, not only to her peers but to the patients as well. She enjoys sending patients off happy and confident after assembling and adjusting their frames to their liking. DeAnne’s career goals are to become a General Manager with TSO and to help others achieve the most in the eye care field, all while enjoying what she is passionate about. Her favorite quote comes from Albert Einstein:

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

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