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Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis
General Manager

Keith's career goals are to be successful in his field of choice. Keith has a passion for the medical field and is determined to be at the top while helping others. "Helping people see is what makes my job worth going to." says Keith. He likes the challenge and the new hurdles that come along with it. Keith creates bonds with his patients and in turn makes him very happy. Always all in, Keith does anything in need and he is very helpful when it comes to training others as he picks up new ideas. Keith went to three state Championships in High School, served in the Navy and played in college football. All three of these are his proudest accomplishments! Outside of the office, Keith enjoys spending time with his kids, writing music, rebuilding and repairing automobiles, cooking and watching Modern Family.  Keith's favorite childhood memory is spending time with his parents; his dad would take him to different events and his mom’s job was always adventurous being a cop! A quote Keith holds dear is written below:

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

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